There was time to kill. I was at the dealership waiting for the oil change on my truck. Cleaning out my email inbox seemed like a good use of my time. 

I got a message from one of my favorite organizations. I was eager to find out what new event or offer they had for me. The body of the email was an image – a huge image. As I sat there staring at my screen, I lost interest and hit the delete button. 

That message went unread. I have no idea if it was an important invitation or information about my account. All I know is that I couldn’t load the message. 

As a fan of this organization, I’ve watched their email marketing strategy change over the years. Their first emails were plain text which loaded quickly, were informative, but bland. Then came the emails with copy overlaid onto an image. The graphics were attractive, informative and enormous. If I needed to copy an address from the message, I couldn’t. If I wanted to add an event to my calendar, I couldn’t. If I wanted to forward the message, the image spread further than the screen size. Then came frustrations when reading the messages on my desktop, Outlook automatically blocked images from appearing.

Eventually, I unsubscribed to their email list. The hassles and annoyances of dealing with their messages became too difficult for me to manage. 

Email marketing is an art and a science that is constantly evolving. Read my Top 6 Tips for Email Marketing for ways to improve your email marketing strategies.