Google is the most popular search engine gobbling up 75 percent of online searches on desktop and 87 percent on mobile and tablet devices. With that kind of power to drive customers to your business, it makes sense to place your business on Google.

Get your business noticed through Google Search and Google Maps when you complete your Google My Business profile.

Don’t have a brick and mortar store? No problem! You can choose a service area to appear in searches in those locations.


Before you start, check out your competitors Google Maps listings. Think like your customer and search using terms you think they might use. Notice your competitor’s listings rankings and how those listings different from the competition. Do they have more five-star reviews? What’s their photography like? What about their description?

Create your Google My Business Account

Creating an account takes time. For physical locations, you may need to wait for a postcard to arrive in the mail. For home-based businesses, use a mailing address that Google knows is unique. If you have a mailbox at a rental service, you may run into issues. Google knows where private mailboxes are located. This is a violation of their terms of service to list your business at these locations. They will freeze your account. This is remedied by human intervention following Google’s support options.


Upload photos of your products, store, logos, and other imagery that tells a consistent story with your online presence.


Google+ for business has been replaced by Google My Business posts. Simply share offers each week (or more often) to keep your content visible and fresh.


Ask your customers to review your business on Google Maps. Once you have reviews, make sure to manage them. Respond to great reviews with thank you notes and respond to negative comments seeking to resolve issues.

Issues with Verifying your Business?

Visit the HubSpot’s Ultimate Guide to setting up your account or contact our team. We’re happy to help get your business up and running quickly.