The 2017 Alumni Attitude Survey offered insights into former students’ perceptions, attitudes, experiences, and opinions of their alma mater. This information was used to change the communications program and improve perceptions of the university. Bouchard led the university’s efforts to construct the survey, promote the collection of responses, distribution of the results, and enhancing the communications program based on the survey results. The project was awarded a PRSA Pinnacle Award in 2018 for Best Use of Data/Analytics.

About the Project

The Alumni Attitude Study is part of a national, multi-college research study offered by the Performance Enhancement Group. Over 250 universities and colleges have conducted this study with their alumni, providing a rich database of comparable data. Results were presented to campus leadership, communicators, and broadly to campus. UNLV conducted this study in 2007 and 2017. There were three groups of survey questions that rate specific items based on both importance and performance. Questions about the student experience of the alumnus/a.

  • Questions about what alumni should do (the proper role of an alumnus/a) and how well the university or alumni association supports alumni in doing those things.
  • Questions on the importance of various methods of communication and how effective the university is at providing that communication.

This survey made it clear that alumni care about UNLV. We’re shared their feedback across campus so we could improve programs for both current students and our alumni.

Chad Warren, Senior Associate Vice President and Executive Director - UNLV Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving and the UNLV Alumni Association

General Findings

Below are excerpts from the 2017 Alumni Attitude Study Report Summary provided by Performance Enhancement Group to UNLV.

  • Alumni are proud of UNLV and promote the university when speaking with prospective students and peers.
  • Alumni are most loyal to the university as a whole followed by loyalty to their college/school.
  • Alumni want to hear news about scholarship awards, accomplishments of students, the university’s engagement with the community, and upcoming alumni events.
  • Alumni feel like attending UNLV was a good choice.
  • Alumni want access to Career Services after graduation.
  • Alumni want to mentor students.
  • Alumni want to know that the value of their degree is greater today than the day they graduated and they want to understand what the university is doing to increase that value.
  • Alumni are focused on how their degree helped them in their lives and particularly how the degree is an enhancement to their career.
  • Alumni want diverse events with more emphasis on career development and community service. Events offer an interesting dilemma for UNLV. We know that many will never attend an event. Despite this, the survey shows that they still want to know that their university is having events and that important things are happening at them. Therefore, communications about successful outcomes of events can be an important gauge of success, possibly more so than the number of attendees.

Download the full survey report.