Let go of weak words so you can tell a better story. It was a fantastic article and I did not want to change it.

It was a story about the journey of a new homeowner who had finally found their forever home. There was a moving quote and highlights about the dog-friendly park where residents hung out. It covered the family’s emotional journey as they struggled to find the perfect property in the community they felt they could call home.

This story was fantastic! But…it was 200 words too long. The article simply would not fit.

A difficult choice was in front of me. Should I cut some of the homeowner’s moving experience or remove the amazing features in the community which was why I was writing the article in the first place?

I had a strange pit-of-my-stomach moment. Every word in that story was special to me.

In the end, I trimmed the story and it was better for it. It was still just as compelling as before. The lesson I learned was words matter. We as writers need to pick better words and sentence structures to paint a stunning visual picture. Only then are we the masters of the space gifted to us.  

Note to Reader: This story is 224 words long, 265 words shorter than the original.